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Power of Youth (detail), by Ik-Jong Kang (donated to UNESCO by the Republic of Korea)
© UNESCO/Patrick Lagès

UNESCO’s action against illiteracy has always been at the top of its agenda. Since 1948, the Courier has provided a powerful platform for debate and discussion of this plague that still endures around the world.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day (8 September), we invite you to discover the issues of the UNESCO Courier dedicated to the fight against illiteracy.

Read our featured issues about literacy:

Literacy is the best remedy, September 2008

ABC of the future, September 2007

Literacy for change, April 2003

One billion illiterate: a challenge for our time, July 1990

Literacy: the ladder of achivement, February 1984

Literacy: gateway to fulfilment, June 1980

Literacy: stairway to development, April 1968

700,000,000 illiterates: two persons out of five, March 1958

Many other articles on literacy are featured in the Courier. Do a keyword search to find them.