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What’s to come for the Strategic Transformation

In 2020, various new policies will be implemented and monitored.
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Strategic Transformation, a collective challenge

The 40th session of the General Conference, entitled “(Re) Generation – Rethinking multilateralism with young change agents”
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Environmental sustainability at UNESCO

"The United Nations is a leader in integrating environmental and social sustainability into its work in a systematic way."
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The High Level Reflection Group starts its work

The first meeting of the High Level Reflection Group was held on 12 and 13 November 2019 during the 40th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris
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Leaders’ Talk


Matthieu Guevel, Director of Communications and Public Information a.i.

Nicholas Jeffreys, Assistant Director General for Administration and Management

Charaf Ahmimed, Head of Transformation Support Unit, Office of the Director General

Hubert Gijzen, Director UNESCO Multisectorial regional office (Southern Africa), Harare, Zimbabwe

Marlova Jovchelovitch Noleto, Director UNESCO National Office in Brasilia, Brazil

Esther Kuisch-Laroche, Director UNESCO Cluster Office, San Jose, Costa Rica

Salah Khaled, Director of UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office (Central Africa), Yaoundé, Cameroon

Lidia Arthur Brito, Director UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean, Montevideo, Uruguay.

The High Level Reflection Group

The High Level Reflection Group meeting at UNESCO in November 2019

"There's tremendous progress coming from #Africa"
Mohamed Sidibay.

Each and every one of us can do something to build #peace and to promote inclusiveness.

"Education should not be a privilege, it should be a basic right"

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Strategic Transformation Support Unit

Charaf Ahmimed
Senior Advisor in the Cabinet of the Director General

Tarja Turtia
Transformation Project Manager

Lotfi Aoulad

Liliana Mota
Associate Programme Officer

Maria Consolata Spano