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Since its creation in 1948, the UNESCO Courier has changed a great deal, both in content and form, but it continues to pursue  its original mission: to promote UNESCO’s ideals, maintain a platform for the dialogue between cultures and provide a forum for international debate.

News & Views Online is a digital supplement of the Courier which provides additional information, by offering a selection of articles and interviews on current events.

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Uganda: Mountain gorillas shielded from threats

In the Virunga Massif, an area of about 450 square kilometres straddling the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, the mountain gorilla population was threatened with extinction by poaching, disease and deforestation.  Effective conservation measures involving local communities have led to a significant increase in the numbers of this iconic species. The park has been closed to tourists since March 2020, to protect the gorillas from being infected by the coronavirus. Read more

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