Public E-team



This E-team focuses on the co-creation of the public diplomacy ecosystem and on aligning public diplomacy practices with the standards of inclusive policies.
In order to encourage the active participation of ecosystem actors in the co-creation process, this E-team should ensure a clear vision and a shared value base on which the ecosystem activities may be built.
The Team develops and delivers inclusive, equity-weighted, and SDG-oriented policies in the following fields:
Science diplomacy
Cultural diplomacy
Economic diplomacy
Health diplomacy
Municipal diplomacy
Humanitarian diplomacy
Environmental diplomacy
Sports diplomacy
Water diplomacy.
On this basis, we will be able to build public diplomacy capacity, design the case for inclusive policies, and crowdsource tested solutions.
Call for Proposals | Public Diplomacy E-Team (UNESCO IPL)
We are inviting you to submit a proposal on public diplomacy ecosystem as a co-creation process.

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa, Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Communication and information/ICTs, Culture, Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Education, Environmental policy / climate change, Gender equality
Created: 11 Aug 2021
Latest update: 15 Oct 2021


Short Description:

This 5-days mini-course provides an introduction to Inclusive Practices and Policies in Public Diplomacy, Inclusive Policy Markers, and Inclusive Practice Audit Tool.