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Close social protection gaps to reset equitably after COVID-19, OECD Monika Queisser

Close social protection gaps to reset equitably after COVID-19

This podcast with OECD’s Head of Social Policy, Monika Queisser, is on social protection and its place in the post-COVID-19 reset along a more equitable path.

Universal Basic Income and beyond — what are our options for recovery

In this podcast we connect the dots between inequality, COVID-19, and recovery. That is, equitable recovery. We discuss this with Balázs​ Horvath, Chief Economist for UNDP in Asia and the Pacific.  

The Social Dynamics of Pandemics

In this episode of the Between the Lines Podcast by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Melissa Leach, Hayley MacGregor, Annie Wilkinson and Ian Scoones discuss the lessons to be learnt from past epidemics and the pressing need to understand social dynamics in order to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.   The authors have also presented these ideas in an exclusive interview with the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab, accessible here.  

Exploring UBI: COVID-19 and beyond

This Webinar reviews key issues and evidence on UBI as a social protection measure, identifies emerging lessons from cross-country experiences, and reflects on its potential and limitations as both a crisis response and long-term intervention.

Oxford Covid-19 government response tracker

Systematic information on government measures

Inequality and climate change: how to untangle the injustice

In this podcast we discuss inequality and climate change with Professor Tahseen Jafry,  Director of the Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University. Tune it to untangle the triple injustice of climate change.

Policy options to support inclusive green growth

A toolkit to provide framework and discussions for Inclusive Green Growth.