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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Inequality is one of the main challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean and is a constant concern for their governments. This course addresses the current regional landscape of inequalities, warns of its dramatic consequences, and offers transformative strategies that can be designed to improve social policies and public management.


What topics we cover?  

The staggering costs of exclusion

This video highlights the societal and individual costs of exclusion. 

What are Inclusive Policy Markers?

This video explains what the Inclusive Policy Markers are and how they could be used for/in inclusive development.

The Inclusive Development Agenda

This podcast discusses the context of inclusive development and introduces the Inclusive Policy Markers. We explore how the Inclusive Policy Markers and the work of the Inclusive Policy Lab can help further the inclusive development agenda.

Inequalities and transformative knowledge

This podcast discusses some of the gaps in research on inequalities, and the potential of transformative knowledge to enhance our understanding of inclusive policy making. It draws on the World Social Science Report, co-published by UNESCO in 2016.

Why do inequalities matter?

The world is converging around high levels of inequalities. Theit current levels and progression are not sustainable. The video focuses on why and how we should act on them.

Facts on inequalities and exclusion

Fact 1 - The world is converging around high levels of within-country inequalities. Source: Oxfam 2017. Photo: © Stephan Bachenheimer/World Bank