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UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab: Invitation to join by By UN CC:Learn

Children and climate change

This course discusses how climate change affects children and youth,  how resilience can be strengthened, and how they can act to address this challenge. 

Gender and the environment

This course is on the link between gender and the environment, and aims to provide knowledge and tools to be an effective change-maker for sustainable development.

Paddle together towards Banjarmasin Inclusive City

This short documentary is produced by UNESCO and the Indonesian NGO Kota Kita as part of a participatory data collection initiative to build a profile of Banjarmasin as an Inclusive City. This documentary witnesses interviews with various people with disabilities in Banjarmasin describing the experiences, daily life, challenges and aspirations.

Disability-inclusive city – Banjarmasin

Toolbox of Practices and Program Ideas

World Bank Econothon: Focus on Latin America

This is the special segment on Latin America and the Caribbean from the World Bank's Econothon, the world’s first continuous 24-hour economics marathon to discuss, debate and draw attention to some of the most important development issues of our time. It touches upon issues of inequality, poverty reduction and building shared prosperity.

The original spanish version can be found here.

Inclusive green economy in Africa

The course covers the key concepts of inclusive green economy paradigm within macroeconomic frameworks, the implications of macroeconomic frameworks for development outcomes in Africa, as well as challenges and opportunities, and good practices in the implementation of macroeconomic policy reforms.

Inequality and disability: toolkit for Africa

Practical tools and practices