Universal Basic Income and beyond — what are our options for recovery


In this podcast we connect the dots between inequality, COVID-19, and inclusive recovery. We discuss this with Balázs​ Horvath, Chief Economist for UNDP in Asia and the Pacific.
This is a forward-looking conversation concerned with policy shifts that need to happen for such a recovery to be possible. Key points covered are:

  • What policy pathways are likely to bring about a more equitable recovery?;
  • If/how should Universal Basic Income be built into the COVID-19 recovery packages? Can we afford it?;
  • What policy experiments and data are there to guide us?; and
  • What forms of inequalities and groups we should particularly worry about now – both on the research and on the policy side?

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Balázs​ Horvath is Chief Economist for UNDP in Asia and the Pacific. Earlier, he was the Director of the Seoul Policy Centre, UNDP Country Director in South Sudan, and former Poverty Reduction Practice Leader at UNDP’s Regional Center for Europe and the CIS.
The interviewee is responsible for the facts cited in the podcast and the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.