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Key Partners

Working with us
UNESCO has a long-standing tradition of partnering with institutions, entities and individuals of many kinds – governments, the wider UN family, other intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, Private Sector companies, corporate and philanthropic foundations
Indian Railways
Sponsoring the project 'Safeguarding the Mountain Railways of India World Heritage property' (West Bengal, India)
Government of West Bengal
Sponsoring the project 'Development of Rural Craft and Cultural Hubs in West Bengal to support inter-generational transmission of rural craft and performing arts' (West Bengal, India)
Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan
Sponsoring the project 'leverage the state’s rich intangible cultural heritage (ICH) to promote economic empowerment and social inclusion of the communities' (Rajasthan, India)


Government of Tamil Nadu
UNESCO- Government of Tamil Nadu join hands to promote health and well-being among children (Tamil Nadu, India)


Bournemouth University
Sponsoring the project 'Media Action Against Rape'


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New Delhi