Partner with UNESCO

UNESCO implements with its partners over 240 programmes in the Asia and the Pacific to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

UNESCO's Comprehensive Partnership Strategy is firmly anchored in the 2030 Agenda and at its heart lies SDG 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. They are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. 
A successful development agenda requires inclusive partnerships — at the global, regional, national and local levels — built upon principles and values, and upon a shared vision and shared goals placing people and the planet at the centre. 
Many countries require Official Development Assistance to encourage growth and trade. Yet, aid levels are falling and donor countries have not lived up to their pledge to ramp up development finance. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is projected to contract sharply, by 3 per cent, in 2020, experiencing its worst recession since the Great Depression. 
Strong international cooperation is needed now more than ever to ensure that countries have the means to recover from the pandemic, build back better and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The New Delhi Office works with its partners in different ways:

  • Combining expertise for the implementation of various programmes at national, regional and global levels

  • Direct financial contributions, as well as in-kind contributions such as personnel, volunteers and equipment
  • Coordination and consultation on ongoing programmes relating to the development of policies, standards and norms
  • Sharing networks and assisting in UNESCO’s outreach with regard to its advocacy work
  • Providing, and benefitting from technical assistance and other advisory services

There are a number of benefits that may be enjoyed by funding and assisting UNESCO in its endeavors:

  • Building a strong public image by being associated with a reputable and prestigious international agency
  • Increasing visibility in international circles
  • Gaining access to UNESCO’s vast public and private networks
  • The opportunity to transform a company’s social responsibility into a reality
  • Increasing brand loyalty through good corporate citizenship
  • Providing employees new and diverse experiences by being a part of UNESCO’s activities.

Our key partners include:

  • Indian Railways
  • Government of West Bengal
  • Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan
  • Government of Tamil Nadu
  • National Council of Educational, Research and Training
  • Bournemouth University
  • YOU Foundation
  • CBM India Trust
  • Procter & Gamble 
  • American India Foundation
  • Education International 
  • Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board