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Katharina Sophia

Entrepreneur and Scientist in Stem Cell Biology

Katharina pioneered Stanford University's (California, USA) first PhD in Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine and has been one of the fastest PhD recipients in the university's history, earning her degree in just 2.5 years. Her research lead to a breakthrough discovery and identified the cell type that forms coronary arteries and the signal required for this differentiation event.

Later, Katharina attended Stanford Business School's Startup Garage Program where she became the founder and CEO of the startup OccamzRazor (OR), which is helping scientist to identify the relevant and reliable information. OR is a knowledge network that helps scientists uncover relevant publications and select which of these are worthwhile to investigate further. OR helps researchers identify strength and weakness and exchange ideas by creating a meaningful social dialog around publications within trusted networks.



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Stem cell biology
regenerative medicine
translational medicine
women in science and tech
pioneering new fields of science
big data