Building peace in the minds of men and women

A directory of Women speakers on UNESCO related Issues


UNESCO has been a pioneer in promoting gender equality and the Organization's medium-term strategy for 2014-2021 puts UNESCO at the forefront of United Nations agencies in elevating gender equality.

Through the Division for Gender Equality, a two-pronged approach has been adopted: Gender mainstreaming and women's empowerment in Member States and within the organization.

"Gender Mainstreaming" implies that a systematic effort is made to address, and attend to, the specific experiences and aspirations of both women and men throughout UNESCO’s programme cycle, from planning to evaluation. The commitment of UNESCO in gender equality continues for the next years, as part of UNESCO's Gender Equality Action Plan 2014-2021 (GEAP II for 2014-2021).

UNESCO would like to pay tribute to women speakers and empower them by including them on this list and sharing it with others to include more women in all of UNESCO's events.