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Dr. Patricia

Director of the Monash Science Centre

Patricia Vickers-Rich was born and educated in the USA and migrated to Australia in 1976. Prior to arriving in Australia, she held a number of research positions including one at the American Museum of Natural History in New York (1972). There she studied the bird fossils collected from the Northern Territory and South Australia by joint Australian and American expeditions. One of her first appointments in Australia was as Lecturer in the Department of Earth Sciences at Monash University. Over the next 20 years, Patricia Vickers-Rich held numerous positions within the University and is now Director of the Monash Science Centre and Personal Chair in Palaeontology. She is also a Research Associate at Tasmania's Queen Victoria Museum, the Museum of Victoria and Moscow's Paleontological Institute. Patricia Vickers-Rich has also been awarded several prizes for excellence in science communication and elected to many prominent scientific organizations.

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Science Communication
Primary Science Education
Secondary Science Education
Tertiary Science Education
Leading Remote Area Field Expeditions
Documentary Production