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Monitoring of the Anti-Doping Convention

Operational Guidelines and Framework for the strengthening of the implementation of the Convention

The Operational Guidelines and Framework for the strengthening of the implementation of the International Convention against Doping in Sport, approved by the eighth session of the Conference of Parties to the Convention (COP8, 26-28 October 2022) through Resolution 8CP/10, provide States Parties with guidelines on how to implement the provisions of the Convention and strengthen compliance with the Convention.


As required by Article 31 of the Convention, States Parties submit every two years, to the Conference of Parties, a national report concerning measures taken by them for the purpose of complying with the Convention.

The monitoring tool of the Anti-Doping Convention is the online self-assessment Anti-Doping Logic (ADLogic) questionnaire. Compliance with the Convention is measured through 21 principal questions of the ADLogic questionnaire, covering the four thematic areas of the Convention:

  • National activities to strengthen Anti-Doping (Articles 7-12)
  • International cooperation (Articles 13-14 and 16)
  • Education and training (Articles 19-23)
  • Research (Articles 24-27)

The national report is generated automatically by the ADLogic system on the basis of responses provided by the State Party. Each State Party can access the ADLogic system through a unique alphanumeric password transmitted to the competent public authorities every two years. 

National Reports

Focal Points and Compliance Platforms

States Parties are invited to designate national focal points to facilitate the flow of information and knowledge-sharing. 

In addition, States Parties are encouraged to establish National Compliance Platforms to ensure a consolidated approach in collecting data and a harmonized, accurate and inclusive reporting of all measures taken at the national level. 

A National Compliance Platform should be composed of all national stakeholders involved in the fight against doping in sport (i.e. ministries, national anti-doping organizations, customs, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, sports community, athlete’s representatives and athletes support personnel representatives, etc.). To date, more than 90 National Compliance Platforms have been created and over a hundred National Focal Points have been designated.


Complementing ADLogic, the Anti-Doping Database provides States Parties with the possibility to share additional information and documentation, such as details of anti-doping experts and national anti-doping authorities, legislation, policies, projects, data on gender equality, etc. 

ADDBase is currently available in EnglishFrench and Spanish. States Parties are welcome to fill it in at any time.