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UNESCO observatory of killed journalists

Total number of results: 1572

Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status Country in which killed DG condemnation Member State response *
Rajaratnam Ranjith Male 02/05/2006 Sri Lankan Ongoing/Unresolved Sri Lanka Link Link
Gustavo Rojas Gabalo Male 29/03/2006 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Colombia Link
Jaime Arturo Overa Bravo Male 14/03/2006 Mexican Ongoing/Unresolved Mexico Link Link
Muhsin Khudhair Male 13/03/2006 Iraqi Ongoing/Unresolved Iraq Link Link, Link
Munsuf Abdallah al-Khaldi Male 13/03/2006 Iraqi Ongoing/Unresolved Iraq Link Link, Link
Ilya Zimin Male 26/02/2006 Russian Ongoing/Unresolved Russian Federation Link Link, Link, Link, Link, Link
Adnan Khairallah Male 22/02/2006 Iraqi Ongoing/Unresolved Iraq Link Link, Link
Atwar Bahjat Female 22/02/2006 Iraqi Ongoing/Unresolved Iraq Link Link, Link
Khaled Mohsen Male 22/02/2006 Iraqi No Information Received So Far Iraq Link Link, Link
Saúl Suárez Sandoval Male 14/02/2006 Ecuadorian Unresolved – Archived Ecuador Link Link
José Luis León Desiderio Male 13/02/2006 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Ecuador Link Link
Ronald Waddell Male 30/01/2006 Guyanese No Information Received So Far Guyana Link
Mahmoud Za’al Male 23/01/2006 Iraqi Ongoing/Unresolved Iraq Link Link
Graciano Aquino Male 21/01/2006 Filipino Ongoing/Unresolved Philippines Link Link, Link
Rolly Cañete Male 20/01/2006 Filipino Unresolved – Archived Philippines Link Link, Link
Prahlad Goala Male 06/01/2006 Indian Ongoing/Unresolved India Link
Gebran Tueni Male 12/12/2005 Lebanese Lebanon Link
George Benaojan Male 01/12/2005 Filipino Philippines Link Link
Robert Ramos Male 20/11/2005 Filipino Philippines Link Link
Ricardo "Ding" Uy Male 18/11/2005 Filipino Philippines
Guatam Das Male 17/11/2005 Bangladeshi Bangladesh Link
Mohammad Harun Hassan Male 20/10/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Firas Maadidi Male 20/09/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Fakher Haider Male 18/09/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Hind Ismail Male 16/09/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Walid Khaled Male 28/08/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Rafed Al Rubaii Male 27/08/2005 Iraqi Iraq Link
Relangi Selvarajah Female 12/08/2005 Sri Lankan Sri Lanka Link Link
Steven Vincent Male 02/08/2005 American Iraq Link
Harry Yansaneh Male 28/07/2005 Sierra Leonean Sierra Leone Link