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UNESCO observatory of killed journalists - Colombia

Number of recorded killings in 2020 : 0

Member States' responses to UNESCO DG's request for information on judicial follow-up in last 4 years

UNESCO DG request sent111
Member state response received on status of judicial enquiry111
Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status DG condemnation Member State response *
Javier Córdoba Chaguendo Male 18/11/2019 Colombian New request Link
José Libardo Montenegro Male 11/06/2019 Colombian New request Link
Mauricio Lezama Rengifo Male 09/05/2019 Colombian New request Link
Jairo Alberto Calderón Male 02/08/2018 Colombian No Information Received So Far Link
Valentín Rúa Tezada Male 01/08/2018 Colombian No Information Received So Far Link
Efrain Segarra Male 26/03/2018 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Javier Ortega Male 26/03/2018 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Paul Rivas Male 26/03/2018 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Efigenia Vásquez Astudillo Female 08/10/2017 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Dorance Herrera Male 23/11/2015 Colombian Resolved Link
Flor Alba Núñez Vargas Female 10/09/2015 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Edgar Quintero Male 02/03/2015 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Luis Carlos Peralta Cuéllar Male 14/02/2015 Colombian Resolved Link
Luis Carlos Cervantes Male 12/08/2014 Colombian Resolved Link
Yonni Steven Caicedo Male 19/02/2014 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
José Darío Arenas Male 28/09/2013 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved – Archived Link
Édison Alberto Molina Male 11/09/2013 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
José Gomez Naudin Male 29/07/2013 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Alberto Lázaro Del Valle Male 10/05/2013 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Guillermo Quiroz Delgado Male 27/11/2012 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo Male 15/03/2012 Colombian Resolved Link
Luis Eduardo Gómez Male 30/06/2011 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Harold Humberto Rivas Quevedo Male 15/12/2009 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved – Archived Link
José Everardo Aguilar Male 29/04/2009 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Atilano Segundo Pérez Barrios Male 22/08/2006 Colombian Resolved Link
Milton Fabián Sánchez Male 09/08/2006 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Gustavo Rojas Gabalo Male 29/03/2006 Colombian Ongoing/Unresolved Link
Julio Palacios Male 11/01/2005 Colombian Link
Oscar Alberto Polanco Herrera Male 04/02/2004 Colombian Link
William Soto Cheng Male 18/12/2003 Colombian Link