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UNESCO observatory of killed journalists - Indonesia

Number of recorded killings in 2020 : 0

Member States' responses to UNESCO DG's request for information on judicial follow-up in last 4 years

UNESCO DG request sent111
Member state response received on status of judicial enquiry111
Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status DG condemnation Member State response *
Maraden Sianipar Male 31/10/2019 Indonesian New request Link
Maratua Siregar Male 30/10/2019 Indonesian New request Link
Muhammad Yusuf Male 10/06/2018 Indonesian Resolved Link Link
Leiron Kogoya Male 08/04/2012 Indonesian Resolved Link Link
Ridwan Salamun Male 21/08/2010 Indonesian Resolved Link Link
Herliyanto Male 22/05/2006 Indonesian Ongoing/Unresolved – Archived Link Link
Ersa Siregar Male 29/12/2003 Indonesian Link
Mohammad Sayuti Male 12/06/1997 Indonesian Link