Religion and Spirituality

They travelled on me, said Gang

A series of stories about life on and around the River Ganges, including poetic and mystical musings, as recounted by a female personification. Here she recounts tales of the many visitors who, over time, came to her shores, as well as those who have sailed on her waters to embark on adventures and discover new bounties. Visitors mentioned, include the first Aryans, as well as the film director, Frederico Fellini.

The rise and fall of the Hami Kingdom (cc. 1389-1513)

The example of the rise and fall of the Hami Kingdom, which existed between 1389 to 1513, illustrates the external forces and the religious and political vicissitudes that were at play during a pivotal time in the history of Central Eurasia. Until the arrival of the Turkic people, the region was known for its extreme diversity of ethnic groups and as being a central meeting place of eastern and western cultures. From ancient times, the region had been inhabited by Indo-European-speaking people who followed Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism and Buddhism.

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