Nefertiti © Vladimir Wrangel / Shutterstock

Ancient jewelry discovered at archaeological sites alongside the Silk Road, objects found in burial chambers and religious buildings, sculpted stones, all sorts of art objects, rare books and manuscripts, seals and ancient coins, textiles and fine furniture, ancient musical instruments, illustrations, stamps, fossils - all of this heritage reflects past and present creativity along the historic Silk Road.  This Movable Heritage is of great importance, providing a window into the daily lives of people alongside the routes, their work and livelihoods, their religious devotions, and their leisure activities, as well as helping to preserve the cultural identity of the communities that produced these objects.

The Silk Road Online Platform presents and explains this heritage, currently hosted in museums throughout the world, both in countries alongside the Silk Road and beyond. Historical objects can be consulted here, either by selecting a route (land/maritime), or by choosing a country of origin.