Fisherman in Yangshuo, Guangxi, China © Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

The “Integral Study of the Silk Roads, Roads of Dialogue” project, launched by UNESCO in 1988, brought together hundreds of researchers around the world, both from the Organization and from partner institutions, resulting in a great number of studies and projects on different aspects of the Silk Road.  These initiatives have been continued by a variety of academic, cultural and artistic institutions across the world.

The findings of this research have been brought together in the knowledge bank of the Silk Road Online Platform, which is an access portal for the reader to these many scientific papers, articles, and reports.

Links to these articles can be found below, and can be filtered for facility of access – either according to route (land or maritime), or to the nine principal themes presented in the menu.  There is also a keyword search, via which articles of special interest to a particular theme can be located, and they can similarly be searched according to author’s name or title.

In addition, the latest studies undertaken by UNESCO and its partners in this field can be found in the “Recent Studies” menu.