The Silk Roads online platform presents a range of publications relating to various aspects of the Silk Roads, including volumes published by UNESCO and a number of other institutions. A short summary has been provided for each publication, highlighting the subject(s) it deals with and its contribution to the wider understanding of these routes and their historical context. By presenting and promoting these works, written by academics from across the world, this platform hopes to promote the diverse and fascinating historical, cultural, religious and scientific legacy of the Silk Roads.  Some of these publications can be purchased online from their respective institutions.

While all efforts have been made to present an overview of publications relevant to the Silk Roads, the content and information provided by the works presented here are in no way exhaustive and do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of UNESCO, nor the endorsement of any of them. UNESCO is not responsible for the contents or opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.


Title Authors ISBN number
flag Thematic Collection of the Cultural Exchanges along the Silk Roads: Textiles and Clothing Zhao Feng (Editor), Nosch, Marie Louise (Editor), Abdel-Salam, Mohamed , Acquaye, Richard, Andersson Strand, Eva, Buckley, Christopher, Coles, Peter, Dode, Zvezdana, Fee, Sarah, Frankopan, Peter, Gyul, Elmira, Jin, Jianmei, Kawlra, Aarti, Kobayashi, Kazuo, Kusi, Cynthia Agyeiwaa, Liu, Jian, Mannering, Ulla, Prestini, Veronica, Riello, Giorgio, Sardjono, Sandra, Sarkar, Surajit , Sawyerr, Naa Omai, Shamir, Orit, Stewart, Peter, Styles, John, Talbot, Lee, Tamburini, Diego, Wang, Helen, Yeonok, Sim, Zanier, Claudio 978-92-3-100539-8
flag Youth Lens on the Silk Roads: Best Photos from the International Silk Roads Photo Contest - 3rd Edition UNESCO 978-92-3-100510-7
flag Legendary Port of the Maritime Silk Routes: Zayton (Quanzhou) Qiang Wang 978-1-4331-7040-9
flag Youth Lens on the Silk Roads: Best Photos from the International Silk Roads Photo Contest - 2nd Edition UNESCO 978-92-3-100406-3
flag World Heritage Magazine – The Silk Roads World Heritage Centre
flag Youth Lens on the Silk Roads: Best Photos from the International Silk Roads Photo Contest - 1st Edition UNESCO 978-92-3-100303-5
flag Global Textile Encounters Editors: Nosch, Marie Louise, Zhao Feng, Varadarajan, Lotika 978-1-78297-735-3
flag International cooperation to safeguard cultural heritage along the silk roads: Finding a Common Path towards World Heritage nomination, protection and management Jing Feng 978-7-03-046982-3
flag A World of Silks – Collection of Global Silk Art Zhao Feng 978-7-5669-1599-3
flag Fortresses of the Silk Roads, From the Hindu Kush to the Mediterranean 9786001522314
flag Religions of the Silk Road Richard Foltz 978-0-230-62125-1
flag The Silk Roads: A Brief History with Documents Xinru Liu 978-0312475512
flag Foreign Devils on the Silk Road Peter Hopkirk 978-0870234354
flag The Travels of Ibn Battutah Ibn Battutah 978-0330418799
flag Life along the Silk Road Susan Whitfield 978-0520280595
flag Voyage dans l’empire mongol Guillaume de Rubrouck (Translated by Claude and Rene Kappler) 9782742770830
flag The Travels of Marco Polo Marco Polo 9780140440577
flag Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Jack Weatherford 9780609809648
flag Arts & Techniques de la Soie Jean-Jacques Boucher 2.85157.140.0
flag Chinese Silks Dieter Kuhn, Zhao Feng 978-0-300-11103-3

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