The Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck

The Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck, 30m long and 10m wide, discovered 25m under the sea in 1987, is believed to have been built between 1127 and 1279 AD during the reign of the Southern Song Dynasty.

After the integral recovery in 2007, the wreck of Nanhai No. 1 is now preserved in the Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum, where it has been placed in an aquarium. Excavations in this semi-submerged aquarium environment are now ongoing and some 60,000 pieces, primarily porcelains from the Jingdezhen kiln, Dehua kiln, Cizao kiln and Longquan kiln, wood wares, iron wares, copper coins, copper rings and lacquer chips have already been recovered.

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