The gilt bronze buckle is carved with tangled flowers and curved grass. The jade plate depicts 9 events in total, 4 on the Kua, 4 on the Wan and 1 on the tail. The jade is white, smooth and translucent. Every plate is engraved with well-dressed musicians and dancers. The musicians are holding Dabu drums, curved-neck Pipa, Paixiao, flute, Konghou, etc. The dancers are dancing happily with arms raised and stomping on the dancing blanket. Concluding from the dresses and instruments, this seems to be a vivid reflection of Huteng dance. What’s more important is that the material is tortoise shell which was very scarce in Tang Dynasty, reflecting the owner’s wealth.

Wan: bottom diameter 4.5cm, height 3.4 cm

Kua: 4.7cm long, 4.4cm wide

Buckle: 11.6cm long, 5.8cm wide

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    Tang West Market Museum

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