The vase has a round mouth, curved edge, long neck, wide shoulder, full stomach and a round base. It is covered with lily and peony patterns. There are two round string patterns between neck and shoulder, a round leaf pattern on the shoulder, and both the patterns employ carving and cutting skills. The maker uses tools made of metal or bamboo and draws various patterns on vessels when they are not completely dry. The pattern is carved and other decoration is drawn, the line is then smoothened and boldened. The decoration pattern is thin as silk emphasizing on clarity and order. The pattern is complex but clear, just like the Bas-relief decoration. The decoration pattern layout follows a sequence and the knife skill employed has to be smooth, sharp, free, full of power and strength. This elegant cup is lush and modest.

Caliber: 12.6 CM, Height: 20 CM, Diameter of Bottom: 11.5 CM

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    Tang West Market Museum

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