Gold Buckle

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Consisting of 53.6 grams of gold, it has a large dragon in the center surrounded by six smaller dragons. The large dragon was made with relatively large grains of gold to make it stand out, with the face exaggerated in expression. Originally 41 small blue gems studded the space between the large dragon and smaller ones but only seven now remain. It is designated as Korean National Treasure No. 89. This belt buckle made of pure gold is decorated with the granulation technique and features gold wire filigree around the edge. Horseshoe-shaped buckles made of gold or silver have been found not only in Nangnang territory from the Han Dynasty, but also in Xinjiang Uygur and Yunnan Provinces.

Materials: Gold 

Measurements: Width 9.4 cm  

Where it was made: Tomb No. 9 of Seogam-ri, Pyeongyang, Korea 

Creation date: 1st Century; Nangnang  

Acquisition: Excavated in Pyeongyang, Korea in 1917

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