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The Tarikh-e-Khandan-e- Timuriyah recounts the history of the Timurids i.e. of Timur and his successors in Iran and India. This richly illustrated manuscript was written and created twenty two years into the reign of the great Mughal emperor and a descendant of Timur, Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, in 1577-78 A.D. The Mughals influenced the social, cultural and economic life both of the Indian people and of the world. Their contributions to the development of astrology, astronomy, medicine, fine arts, architecture, paintings and literature are unparalleled. The paintings of the Tarikh-e Khandan-e Timuriyah are unique examples of the height that was attained by the Mughals in the history of the art of painting. Read more about this element on the UNESCO Memory of the World website.

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