The reserve is located in the central highlands of the southern part of Jordan valley. It lies between Wadi Zarqa Ma’in, the northern border of the reserve and Wadi Shegeig the southern border of the reserve. The western border of the reserve lies on the Dead Sea Road, which is the lowest depression of the earth, 420 m below the sea level.

The reserve includes a system of mountains and wadis extending from the rift valley escarpment to the Dead Sea Shores. The Rift Valley escarpment drops abruptly from the edge of the gently undulating, basalt-crapped highland plateau (the rain-fed wheat fields at the heart of the ancient kingdom of Moab), with altitude and rainfall decreasing from east to west. At the higher altitude, the escarpment terran is composed of rounded, relatively ‘smooth’ spurs and promontories which descend gently westwards, and which are dissected by numerous, steep but smooth-sided valleys. At the lower altitudes, the escarpment terrain is much more broken and uneven. At all levels, there are cliffs, but these are largest and most impressive at the lowest altitudes, especially at the terminal gorge of Wadi Mujib just before it reaches the Dead Sea and Read more about this biosphere reserve on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves website.

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Capital: Amman
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