The Institute of International Maritime Affairs was founded in May 2005 having the intention of stimulating the research works of humanities and social sciences with relation to the ocean and developing the interdisciplinary activities with other research fields, as well as setting up the educational-industrial-governmental-academic complex and helping to make the policies for region developments.

The Institute was selected to the ‘Humanities Korea Program’ of Korean Research Foundation in November 2008. The Institute wishes to make a universal dispatch point of new studies (Cultural Interaction Studies of Sea Port Cities).

More than 40 researchers of the Institute make the sea port cities with their research field and concentrate on the interdisciplinary reconstruction and research of the interchanges of people, information, and materials among the sea port cities and the maritime Silk Roads.

The Institute has disseminated its academic findings through the regional connection activities that publicize and popularize its resources and information.

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Capital: Seoul
Region: Asia and the Pacific

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