Gyeongju, a capital city with a history of thousand years is located in an area with rich culture and many historical remains including ones of the Silk Roads. Various protective restrictions, such as the ‘Culture Properties Protection Law’ of Korea, have provoked many conflicts and civil complaints because the Law prevents Gyeongju local residents from developing their lands and real estate. Therefore, in 2004, Foundation of Silla Cultural Heritage Research Institute was established by Gyeongju city. In effort to address the various civil complaints in regards to the management of cultural assets of Silla, the Institute is carrying out various sampling, prospecting, excavation and preservation projects along with extensive academic research. The Silla Cultural Heritage Research Institute's laboratory of investigation, academic research team and the cultural project team are developing the research institute as a stronghold of qualified to inherit and further develop the traditional culture of Silla.

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Capital: Seoul
Region: Asia and the Pacific

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    Academic Institutions
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