The Culture of the Northern Jurchens in Medieval Times and Amur-Choson Relations

The Jurchen tribes, who established the 120 year Chin dynasty in the early 12th century AD, had a significant influence on the destiny of East Asian peoples. Archaeological research indicates that the Northern Jurchen culture of Priamurye had a distinctive character with traditions firmly rooted in the local cultural-historical past. The Jurchens were probably one of the most advanced ethnic communities at the time, having experience of offensive and defensive combat. While the Jurchens were pre-eminently shamanistic, Buddhism came from Korea to the Jurchens in the pre-statehood period as evidenced by archaeological finds. Jurchen culture developed further from the 8th century onwards, which is reflected in a wide range of artefacts and other distinctive archaeological finds, including ceramics, armour and decorative objects.

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    V.E. Medvedev
    8 -12 century AD
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    International Seminar on the Korean Culture and the Silk Roads, 23-25 February 1991. Kyongju and Pusan, Republic of Korea

    Republic of Korea

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