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The State Silk Museum of  is one of the oldest museums in Georgia. It was established in 1887 and was a part of The Caucasian Sericulture Station. The complex of the station was located in Mushtaid Park and it worked on the basis of the European model – including practical and educational activities.

The building of the museum was constructed in 1892 by the architect Alexander Szymkiewicz. Remarkable is the furniture that he created the designs, which survives in an authentic shape. There are various collections including cocoons from different countries, industrial and handicraft textiles, collection about mulberry tree and its products, natural and chemical dyes, biology of silkworm; collection of old photographs about sericulture etc. These collections include local as well as exported exhibits from 61 different countries – China, Japan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Syria, Sri Lanka, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, etc.

The Museum has its own library, which keeps various literatures about natural sciences in several languages and works of station staff members in the 19th century.

The Museum still continues educational activities and provides several programs for people who are interested in this field. 

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