Call for applications: Positively Men

05 - Gender Equality

Positively, Men: engaged for positive
masculinities and gender equality

Deadline: 20 July 2021 | Apply here

Who we are looking for:

At UNESCO, we believe that no society can thrive when girls
remain out of school, that no country can take up
technological challenges if the scientific fields exclude
women, that no community can grow healthy and
cohesive until all forms of gender based violence are
eradicated. This is why gender equality is a global

Overcoming these challenges requires the full engagement
of men and women. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that
many men still feel unconcerned by efforts in favor of gender

  • If you are one of those who speak up against gender-
    based violence
    , challenge inequalities and hegemonic
    practices in your community, in your family, in your
    workplace and with your peers,
  • if you reject stereotypical perceptions of virility and
    toxic manhood,
  • if you are supporting women’s empowerment and
    inclusive societies,

What we want to hear:

We are interested to hear what you have accomplished in
one or more of these categories:

  1. Preventing male violence and aggression (such
    as bullying in schools, gangs, verbal or physical
    violence against women and gender-based violence
    in general);
  2. Supporting women’s rights and empowerment (such
    as girls’ right to education, artistic freedom of women,
    increasing women’s autonomy and leadership);
  3. Supporting care and affection (active fatherhood
    engagement, providing care to children or the elderly,
    expressing positive emotions, encouraging peers to
    ask for help when they need it);
  4. Engaging with the community, especially men, to
    promote and live the values of respect for diversity
    and gender equality
    , rejecting gender stereotypes
    and speaking out in case of gender-based

We will be pleased to hear from you

and support you to be a visible role model for others!

This call is open to people from all parts of the globe who are engaged and practicing any form of positive masculinity. We want to hear your stories, and understand what makes you a good example of positive engagement for gender equality. The most inspiring testimonials will be part of a video-campaign that will be produced and disseminated worldwide by UNESCO in autumn 2021.

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