News releases on UNESCO website about “Defining Internet Universality Indicators”

27 June 2018

UNESCO presents second draft of Internet Universality Indicators at EuroDIG 2018

22 June 2018

UNESCO’s internet indicators should assess practical realities – academics

12 June 2018

UNESCO presents Internet Universality Indicators at Global Media Forum

30 May 2018

UNESCO releases second draft of the Internet Universality Indicators

30 May 2018

UNESCO consults RightsCon stakeholders about implementing Internet Universality Indicators

11 May 2018

Internet freedom beyond words: artists and creators capture Internet Universality and its ROAM principles

03 May 2018

Journalism community addresses Internet Universality Indicators at the International Journalism Festival

30 April 2018

Academic community welcomes UNESCO’s project to develop Internet Universality Indicators during GIG-ARTS conference

27 March 2018

UNESCO promotes Internet Universality indicators to advance SDGs at WSIS Forum 2018

23 March 2018

Leading experts from Arab states stress the relevance of Internet Universality Indicators

08 March 2018

UNESCO finalizes a series of consultations on Internet Universality Indicators in Latin America

02 March 2018

Jurisdiction experts invited to enrich UNESCO’s draft Internet indicators

09 February 2018

UNESCO briefs Global Network Initiative on Internet Indicators

10 January 2018

UNESCO consults with participants of the Internet Governance Forum 2017 on the Internet Universality indicators

14 December 2017

UNESCO consults on its draft Internet Universality Indicators at the North African and African Internet Governance Forum in Egypt

4 December 2017

Global Voices summit 2017 participants contribute to UNESCO Internet Universality Indicators

1 December 2017

Use Internet Universality to assess cyberlaws

30 November 2017

Your further inputs needed! Help UNESCO finalize the draft Internet Universality Indicators

30 November 2017

UNESCO releases new research on youth and violent extremism on social media 

28 November 2017

Vietnam Internet Forum discusses Internet Universality indicators

2 November 2017

UNESCO releases new publication on advancing multistakeholder participation in Internet governance 

1 November 2017

Russian journalism community and academia engage in UNESCO’s project to develop Internet Universality indicators

30 October 2017

UNESCO launches a new study on internet governance

30 October 2017

UNESCO consults on Internet indicators at ICANN60

19 October 2017

UNESCO advocates Internet Universality and international human rights standards at the Internet Freedom Conference in Vienna

19 October 2017

UNESCO advocates for encryption and human rights at the 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

10 October 2017

10 October 2017

UNESCO Member States encouraged to participate in the framing of Internet Universality indicators during IPDC meeting

18 September 2017

An expert meeting in Paris explores new societal, technological and ethical challenges of DarkNet

07 September 2017

States and journalists can take steps to counter “fake news”

09 August 2017

UNESCO Internet Universality Indicators consulted at the 8th Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum

02 August 2017

Internet Universality indicators consulted at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2017

25 July 2017 

UNESCO engages academics at IAMCR

20 July 2017

Academics reflect on UNESCO research

20 July 2017 

UNESCO consults academics on Internet indicators

13 July 2017

Let’s assess and improve the Internet: help UNESCO develop the tools

06 July 2017

Kenya: Internet Governance Forum Conference 2017

22 June 2017

UNESCO triggers debate on privacy, encryption and source protection at WSIS Forum 2017

22 June 2017

Your inputs count! UNESCO launches consultation website to define Internet Universality Indicators during WSIS Forum 2017

19 June 2017

UNESCO holds a multistakeholder consultation on Internet Universality Indicators at EuroDIG conference

02 June 2017

UNESCO consults on developing Internet Universality Indicators during World Press Freedom Day

12 June 2017

UNESCO promotes source confidentiality study to editors

18 May 2017

UNESCO consults on Internet Universality indicators

10 May 2017

UNESCO advocates Internet Universality indicators and online freedoms at BILETA conference

06 April 2017

UNESCO consults Gig-ARTS Conference on its new project Defining Internet Universality Indicators

04 April 2017

UNESCO consults experts on Internet Universality Indicators at Brussels conference

19 January 2017 and 16 February 2017

UNESCO calls for proposals: Defining Internet Universality Indicators