We need to reset along a more equitable and smart path. That is the intent, but what would be the concrete (and new) ways of doing it? The UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab brings the latest by leading experts as they debate ideas and hands-on policy solutions to these challenges.  





Basic income - on data and policy





Cost of survival: examining crisis impacts in Ontario by Mohammad Ferdosi, Peter GraefeWayne Lewchuk and Stephanie Ross of McMaster University


Building "forward" instead of rebuilding "back" better by Mehdi Shiva of University of Oxford


Racial capitalism and the impact of COVID-19 on migrant women workers in Lebanon by Sawsan Abdulrahim and Farah Salkal of American University of Beirut


On how Ontario trialed basic income by Mohammad FerdosiWayne Lewchuk and Stephanie Ross of McMaster University, and Tom McDowell of Ryerson University


Sustainable welfare: would a mix of universal basic income and universal basic services help? by Milena Buchs of the University of Leeds


UBI is stuck in a policy trap - here’s how to reframe the debate by Liz Fouksman of King's College London


What we know and we don't about basic income by John Crowley of PHGD, and Iulia Sevciuc of UNESCO


Move the debate from Universal Basic Income to Universal Basic Services by Ian Gough of London School of Economics


Greening the Basic Income by Mark Paul of New College of Florida


Minimum subsistence income, the Spanish way by Jordi Sevilla of La Caixa 


Gender inequality in times of COVID-19 – give women cash by Guy Standing of SOAS University of London  





Too risk averse, too path dependent – redesign governance systems to face shocks with Mark Esposito of Hult International Business School, Harvard University and Georgetown University


Is the 4-day workweek the solution we've been looking for? with Juliet Schor of Boston College


We live in times of abundance, yet our incapacity to govern it is tearing societies apart with Manuel Muñiz of IE University


We embraced dysfunctional growth, change course with Mariana Mazzucato of University College London


Recast your economic rulebook, deliver for people with Dani Rodrik of Harvard Kennedy School


Universal Basic Services vs. Universal Basic Income - let's talk with Anna Coote and Maeve Cohen of Social Guarantee


India's quest for basic income with Sarath Davala of the Basic Income Earth Network 


California trials basic income, other 14 pilots are in sight with Amy Castro-Baker of University of Pennslyvania, and Stacia West of University of Tennessee


Coronavirus Supplement, the Australian way of income support in crisis with Elise Klein of Australian National University 


Put carbon dividend at the core of post-COVID reboot with Anders Fremstad of Colorado State University 


Basic Income – deciphering the promises and the data with Ioana Marinescu of the University of Pennslyvania 


Close social protection gaps to reset equitably after COVID-19 with Monika Queisser of the OECD


Universal Basic Income and beyond — what are our options for recovery with Balázs​ Horvath of UNDP Asia and the Pacific





Basic Income in and beyond the COVID crisis





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