Basic Income in and beyond the COVID crisis

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This e-team is concerned with the use of basic income as (a) an emergency response in crisis and (b) a standing policy tool. The point on emergency is critical given how many countries used basic income (and its variations) to contain the immediate effects of the COVID crisis. The discussion on basic income as a standing policy and its potential to put countries on an inclusive track in the longer run also needs deepening to depolarize policy debates and ground them in data.


Feed into this e-team your data and expertise on all aspects, including:


  • Basic income – core concept, distributional aspects, potential in the developing and the developed countries;
  • Green basic income – connections between the climate and the equity agendas;
  • Financing basic income – traditional and emerging sources;
  • Performance and impacts – data that exists and data that is missing on basic income schemes;
  • Trials of basic income – closed, ongoing or upcoming experiments;
  • Adjacent and alternative policy ideas – instruments that deserve consideration in conjunction with basic income; and
  • System-wide understanding – comparative analysis of trade-offs, linkages with broader agendas (e.g., SDGs, green transition).


A policy package has been produced using the data on this e-team, as well as the publishing of an online policy paper.


Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Social policy, Social protection
Created: 03 May 2021
Latest update: 08 Mar 2022


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