The renowned Russian pianist Serguei Markarov was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in December 2002, in light of his contribution to the dialogue of cultures. His contributions to UNESCO events and programs have contributed to the promotion of peace and tolerance through classical music. 

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On October 7th  2021, UNESCO’s Artist for Peace Sergueï Markarov was part of the Grupo Bel 20th anniversary celebrations.

In a 30 minutes performance, he mesmerized the guests, showcasing the talent he is so well known for. Mr. Markarov performed in a seafront conference room in Cascais, in which the intensity of his performance created a whimsical atmosphere. The guests had the chance to see for themselves why he is one of the most notorious pianist of his time.

Grupo Bel and all those present understand the privilege and are grateful for Mr Markarov performance.

Monday 6th December,