UNESCO commits to Generation Equality


The Generation Equality Forum is a landmark global initiative, hosted by the governments of Mexico and France and convened by UN Women in partnership with youth and civil society. The Forum is driving commitments in 6 thematic areas – Action Coalitions – that include gender equality as a central component of Building Back Equal from COVID-19 and fuel significant and lasting change for generations to come.

These commitments are essential to accelerating investment in and implementation of concrete actions on gender equality across the world and they will be made public at the Paris Forum through a virtual World Map of Commitments.

I call upon women worldwide to be inspired by the extraordinary achievements of the Beijing Declaration and to take control and full leadership in every aspect of life and domain of society to build back a better future for all.

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO's Director-General during the 75th Session of UNGA

UNESCO Commitments

UNESCO has made 3 commitments in different thematic areas

GE Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation

UNESCO commits over the next 5 years to further close the digital gender divide by increasing access of women and girls to STEM education, giving visiblility and leadership oportunities to women scientists, and promoting the ethical use of AI that is free of gender bias, sexism and stereotypes.

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GE Action Coalition on Economic Rights and Justice

UNESCO commits over the next 5 years to economically empower women artists and those working in the creative industries in Africa, by improving their access to audiences, funds, social protection schemes and increasing the number of creative industries enterprises owned and led by women.

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Girls’ education and achieving gender equality in and through education

UNESCO commits over the next 5 years to lead a multi-stakeholder global coalition to support girls’ education in the wake of COVID-19 as a cross-cutting strategy to achieve all the goals of the six Generation Equality Action Coalitions.

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