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Governing bodies of the International Hydrological Programme

IHP Intergovernmental Council

The planning, definition of priorities, and supervision of the execution of International Hydrological Programme (IHP) are ensured by the Intergovernmental Council. The Council is composed of 36 UNESCO Member States elected by the General Conference of UNESCO at its ordinary sessions held every two years. Equitable geographical distribution and appropriate rotation of the representatives of the Member States are ensured in the composition of the Council. Each of UNESCO’s six electoral regions elects Member States for membership in the Council.
The term of office of members of the Council is four years, and members are immediately eligible for re-election. To retain continuity, only half of the Council members are elected each second year for the four-year period, so that in each biennium half are newcomers and the other half have already acquired experience. The Council normally meets in plenary session once every two years. Extraordinary sessions may be convened under the conditions specified in the Rules of Procedure.

IHP Bureau

At the beginning of its first session following a session of the General Conference at which elections to the IHP Council have been held, the Council elects a chairperson and four vice-chairpersons. These, with the chairperson of the previous Bureau as ex-officio member, constitute the Council’s Bureau. The composition of the Bureau so formed reflects an equitable geographical distribution, each representing UNESCO’s six electoral regions. The members of the Bureau remain in office until a new Bureau has been elected.
The IHP Bureau discharges, inter alia, the following duties:
  • fix, in consultation with the Secretariat, the dates of the sessions of the Council and of its committees and working groups, in accordance with the general guidelines of the Council;
  • prepare the sessions of the Council, in consultation with the Secretariat;
  • supervise the implementation of the resolutions of the Council, and report at each session of the Council, on the status of implementation of the prescribed phases of project execution and, in particular, follow the activities of the Council’s committees and working groups;
  • prepare for the Council all reports requested by the General Conference of UNESCO;
  • discharge all other duties which it may be assigned by the Council.


Composition of the IHP Bureau (2018-2020)

Mr Thierno Hamet Baba Ly
(Group Va - Africa)
Secretary General
Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation
Dakar, Senegal    


Mr Alan Jenkins
(Group I - Western Europe and North America)

United Kindgom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chairperson UK IHP National Committee

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Maclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford
+44 1491 692440


Mr András Szöllösi-Nagy
(Group II - Eastern and Central Europe)
Dr. Prof., Member of Hungarian IHP National Committee
General Directorate of Water Management
H-1012 Budapest, Marvany u. 1/d
Tel: + 36 1 258 6291


Mr Carlos Alberto Luaces Socarrás
(Group III — Latin America and the Caribbean)
Chairperson of Cuban IHP National Committee
Director of the Secretariat of the National Council of Hydrographic Basins (CNCH)
National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH)
Humboldt no. 106, esq. a Plaza Vedado
Plaza de la Revolución, Habana 4|CP 10400
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba
+537 836 6777

Mr Farhad Yazdandoost
(Group IV - Asia and the Pacific)
K N Toosi University of Technology
470 Mirdamad St. Tehran
+98 (0)21 8888 3001

Mr Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (Group Vb - Arab States)
President, Arab World Council
9 Al-Mokhayam Al-Da'em St.
AlHay AlSadas Nasr City
11471 Cairo