Chinese Porcelain © Operation Shooting / Shutterstock

The special importance of artisanal products stems from their inherently unique and distinctive features, whether used for utilitarian, aesthetic, artistic, cultural, decorative, traditional, religious or symbolic purposes. These are produced without restriction in terms of quantity and using raw materials from sustainable resources.

Artisan products are one of the major legacies of the Silk Road, along which trade and exchange continued for hundreds of years between people of different regions. Traditional Silk products, such as tissues, clothes and carpets, as well as different metal works, porcelains and ceramics, books, natural dyes and even various local and regional gastronomies, have not only contributed to both commercial and cultural exchanges, but have also become foundations of cultural identity for peoples alongside the Silk Road. Moreover, activities are an important means of sustainable development for the many different communities that have grown up alongside these historic routes. 

This Silk Road Online Platform presents and promotes the creative industries of different regions alongside the Silk Roads in view of protecting craft creation and to harmonize data collection on them.