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Reporting on Migrants and Refugees: Handbook for Journalism Educators


This unique publication by UNESCO facilitates a more comprehensive coverage of migrant and refugee matters.

Unprecedented numbers of people are on the move in these modern times. Reporting on Migrants and Refugees: Handbook for Journalism Educators enables journalism educators worldwide to address one of the 21st century’s challenges: migration and refugee matters. In thirteen modules, journalism educators are provided with a comprehensive curriculum. The handbook is written by an international and cross-cultural group of media researchers, media educators and media practitioners, making it suitable for journalism educators, journalism students and experienced journalists.




Full handbook

Module 1: Matters of Migrants and Refugees – Challenges of the 21st Century
Module 2: Key Sources, Key Facts, Key Terms and Numbers
Module 3: Context Factors for Migration and Forced Displacement
Module 4: The Media and the Migration Story – An Analysis Across Countries
Module 5: Migration Coverage – Media Effects and Professional Challenges
Module 6: Case Study Guinea-Bissau (West Africa)
Module 7: Case Study Cameroon (Central Africa)
Module 8: Case Study Germany (West Europe)
Module 9: African Movements: From the Continent, Within the Continent, Within Countries
Module 10: Professional Migration Coverage: Best Practices and Ethical Dimensions
Module 11: Reporting on Migrants and Refugees: Dealing with Trauma
Module 12: Towards Collaborative Coverage of Migration
Module 13: Improving the Impact: Journalistic Strategies and Editorial Marketing 



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