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United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)

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Engage in the planning and consultative mechanisms

During the Preparatory Phase, the Decade stakeholders will be able to contribute to the design of the Decade by participating to planning and consultative mechanisms such as:

  • The Regional Workshops where they will be informed about the purpose and expected results of the Decade and will have the opportunity to engage and share their ideas about the design of the Decade;
  • The Stakeholder Forum where institutional organizations will represent their interests in the planning of the Decade.


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Who are the Decade stakeholders?

The UN Decade of Ocean Science is an intergovernmental mechanism that will actively associate stakeholders of our shared ocean: the ocean science community, ocean and sustainable development policy-makers and practitioners, economic actors and civil society as well as the public.

Member States have been closely involved in the elaboration of the Decade Roadmap and will be regularly consulted. The IOC governing bodies will be responsible for the Decade's course of action and the approval of the Implementation Plan (before its submission to the UN General Assembly). They will play a key role in defining the scientific priorities to fulfill their 2030 Agenda commitments.

UN bodies involved in ocean management have been associated with the design of the Decade through UN-Oceans (the coordination mechanism involving all UN agencies working on ocean issues) as well as through direct collaboration with the IOC Secretariat. They will define their scientific requirements vis-à-vis the Decade regarding their respective mandate.

Partners from the ocean science community, ocean and sustainable development policy-makers, NGOs, businesses and industries, and the donor community will define their priorities and plan for the global ocean science agenda, develop new science and technologies needed to achieve the Decade's objectives as well as connect ocean science activities with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Ocean Science and Technology

Contribution: Scientists will formulate priorities and plan for the global ocean science agenda.

Benefit: The Decade will provide an opportunity for ocean scientists to demonstrate the societal value of the work and generate greater investment.

Ocean Policy and Sustainable Development

Contribution: Policy-makers will connect ocean science activities with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Benefit: The Decade will actively help policy-makers find solutions to ocean sustainability challenges.

Businesses and Industries

Contribution: The private sector will develop and share new technologies needed to achieve key Decade objectives.

Benefit: The Decade will open up access to tools, information and investment needed to create solutions for ocean sustainability and the blue economy.

Donors and Foundations

Contributions: Donors will support the development of ocean science that meets the needs of society.

Benefits: The Decade will improve alignment between investments and high impact global ocean research.

Civil Society/NGOs

Contribution: Civil society will help to connect ocean science to societal needs and interests.

Benefit: The Decade will support a new cooperative framework to ensure that global ocean science provides greater benefits for ocean ecosystems and wider society.

Citizens will play a key role in mobilizing politicians and NGOs' efforts in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to building sustainable ocean and promoting ocean literacy.


How can you help?

A call for contributions to the Preparatory Phase of the Decade has been issued, inviting the different stakeholders to:


Contribute to the Planning Process

Submit ideas or participate in dedicated workshops.


Host and Organize Events

Consult stakeholders, communicate about the Decade and identify opportunities for investment and resource mobilization.



Provide Staff and/or Financial Support

Help IOC and its preparatory activities.


Communicate about the Decade

Share the purpose and expected results of the Decade, its planning phase and preparatory activities.