We live in economies of data and should increasingly talk power dynamics, equity, monetization, commons, (re)distribution, public use and so much more. The UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab brings the latest by leading experts as they debate ideas and discuss policy solutions to these issues.  





Data solidarity: why sharing is not always caring by Barbara Prainsack of University of Vienna


Data privacy and the Internet of Things by Stacy-Ann Elvy of UC Davis


Data as markets – it is time to talk (re)distribution by Pantelis Koutroumpis of the University of Oxford


Data value – monetization, statistics, no privacy infringed by Makoto Nirei of the University of Tokyo


No trust, no data by Ninni Gustavsen and Frederik W. Larsen of the Danish Ministry of Industry


Speaking of the future: make sure no voice is left behind by Robert Kirkpatrick of the UN Global Pulse


Apply research skills to new data by Arianna Legovini of the World Bank


Participatory data collection: from crisis response to inclusive citizenship by Nina Asterina and Vanesha Manuturi of the Kota


Kita Foundation





Our relations around data are broken - why and how to fix them with Maria Savona of University of Sussex and LUISS University


in Rome


Data value: to share, or not to share with Diane Coyle of University of Cambridge


Data equity – there is no hiding with Gry Hasselbalch of DataEthics.Eu


Partner on data to make it work for public good with Holly Krambeck of the World Bank


Treat data like you treat infants – signals and empathy are key with James Ingram of LiiV, CEO of Splashlight and Telmar


Data is an instrument – are we using it right? with Arianna Legovini of the World Bank





All podcasts are available on THE POLICY NERD podcast channel.


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