About UNESCO Office in Lima

Who are we

Peru has been the Member State of UNESCO since 1946. UNESCO, whose representation in the country was established in 1995, works together with the Peruvian State providing technical assistance to various sectors in order to contribute to the achievement of its objectives. 
Peru is considered an upper-middle-income country, due to the high and sustained economic growth achieved during the last 10 years. However, while in the 2001-2007 period per capita GDP rose by 30.8 per cent, poverty was reduced by only 10.5 points, maintaining inequality and social exclusion.

UNESCO Office in Peru

Different economic and social indicators indicate the existence of important gaps and place the country among the most inequitable in Latin America (in 2007, the ratio between the highest and lowest expenditure decile was 15.8 times), which is, in turn, the most unequal region in the world. These indicators show major challenges for the country.

The UNESCO Lima Office has a staff of 24 people, in addition to consultants and volunteer collaborators. Together they contribute every day to the consolidation of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and information in Peru.

United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Perú 2022-2026


Guiomar Alonso Cano
Head of the UNESCO Office in Lima

Management Assistance

Florangel Lombira
Assistant Junior to the Representative
Verónica Falla
Assistant to the Representative
Mario Flores
Oficial de Alianzas Estratégicas

Culture Sector

Enrique López-Hurtado
Coordinator of the Cultural Sector
José Díaz
Intangible Heritage Specialist
Gloria Lescano
Creative Sector Specialist

Clara María Rodríguez
Heritage and Gender Specialist related to production processes
Jose Salazar
Secretario Técnico del Pacto por la Cultura
Mauricio Reyes
Project Assistant for Creative Sector

Education Sector

Fernando Berríos
National Program Officer
Ángela Bravo
Management and Advocacy Specialist for Horizons Program
Martín Vegas
Horizons Project Coordinator

Patricia Correa
Horizons Territorial Management Strategy Specialist
Lisbeth Delgado
Technical and Management Assistant
Celia Queyana
Horizons Program Specialist

Alex Ríos
Especialista para Monitoreo y Evaluación
Nayruth Triveño
Territorial Coordinator of PESR Horizons - Cusco Region
Irene Gómez
Education Specialist of PESR Horizons - Cusco Region

Mariano Solari
Technical Assistant of the Education sector and Horizontes Program
Manuel Mestanza
Especialista Pedagógico
Alejandro Conde
Asistente Junior

Science Sector

Ignacio Cancino
Science Coordinator

Communication and Information Sector

Dora Garrido
Communication and Information Coordinator

Public Information and Image Unit

Giuliana Valle
Public Information and Image Unit Coordinator
Karol Altamirano
César Rodriguez
Graphic Designer


Diana Melgar
Financial Assistant
Teresa Picón
Administration Officer

Ana Serván
Administrative Assistant for Travel Management
Gabriela López
Administrative and Procurement Assistant
Doris Soto
Documentary Management Assistant

Orlando Cuzcano
Rimanet Soto
Logistic Assistant
Rosario Chávez

Information and Technology

Pedro Mendoza
Technology and Information Assistant
Luis Dulanto
Technical Support and Web