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Join our Dynamic Coalition on IUIs

Join our Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs)


UNESCO invites interested actors ranging from governments, technical community, private sectors, academia, NGOs, journalists, media, to individual users to join the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs), launched at IGF 2020. 

With the IUIs project progressing in above 21 countries across five continents, the Dynamic Coalition (DC) seeks to engage with Member States and all stakeholders worldwide to shape digital transformation by UNESCO’s Internet Universality ROAM principles (Rights, Openness, Access and Multistakeholder).  We encourage more countries and stakeholders using and assessing Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs) at national levels, via a multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to align national Internet development to UNESCO’s ROAM principles.



For that purpose, we encourage you to:

  • Subscribe to our Internet Universality newsletter: to receive our quarterly news bulletin which covers activities and updates on the development of the IUIs project around the world. 
  • Join the Dynamic Coalition on IUIs: to be featured on the IGF webpage dedicated to the DC and jointly promote the IUIs project at all levels.
  • Express your interest in conducting the national assessment of Internet Universality Indicators in your country: to seek UNESCO's advice and coordination.

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