UNESCO Africa Engineering Week

When :

from Monday 17 September, 2018
to Friday 21 September, 2018

Type of event :

Category 8-Symposium

Where :

Mombasa, Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya

Contact :

Rovani Sigamoney email: r.sigamoney@unesco.org

The 5th edition of UNESCO Africa Engineering Week will take place in Kenya and across Africa. The initiative aims to educate youth and the general public about engineering and how engineers are key players in the solutions to important global issues.
Progress has been made since the beginning of the engineering initiative in 2014, but Africa is still lacking engineers. The aim of the 5th edition of UNESCO Africa Engineering Week is to increase the visibility of engineering and its important role in sustainable development, to encourage students to study engineering, and to incite more African countries to participate so as to ensure the sustainability of these efforts. The event will include keynote speakers, outreach and mentoring activities, educational workshops, and public awareness events.