Sub-regional Workshop: Managing Disaster Risks in UNESCO Designated Sites

When :

from Monday 10 October, 2016
to Friday 14 October, 2016

Type of event :

Working group/Expert Meeting

Where :

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact :

The workshop will apply a participatory methodology based upon the UNESCO World Heritage Resource Manual: Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage (2010). Special focus will be devoted to geohazards risk preparedness, with particular emphasis on landslides, seismic events, floods, and wild fires, through the participation of an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified international resource persons.

The workshop is aimed at bringing together site managing authorities, emergency responders and other relevant stakeholders related to World Heritage properties and Biosphere reserves from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, in order to introduce disaster risk reduction principles in site management plans and improve cooperation between site managers and civil protection authorities.

Special attention will be drawn on the necessary adjustments of the relevant legal, institutional and policy frameworks, in order to enable the application of disaster risk reduction principles within the concerned sites.