Regional celebration for the International Literacy Day in the Arab States

When :

from Tuesday 20 September, 2022
to Tuesday 20 September, 2022

Where :

Online, Lebanon

In light of the International Literacy Day, the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Beirut, together with the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), is organizing a regional event (online) under the title:

Literacy from Lifelong learning perspective in light of technological and education transformation


In the backdrop of the fast-changing world, literacy within a lifelong learning perspective is essential to equip individuals with skills to enable them to copy with the changes. Literacy is a key component of adult learning and education. It involves a continuum of learning and proficiency levels, which allows citizens to engage in lifelong learning and participate fully in their community, workplace and wider society (UNESCO, 2015).

Despite the progress made over the last decades in the literacy rate in the Arab States, still the adult literacy rate (81.41 %) is below the global average (87 %) (UIS and World Bank, 2020). The gender disparities in literacy skills persist among adults, and there is relatively large gender gap to the detriment of women. According to UIS data, Male adult literacy rate is 87.42 % compared to 75.32 % for women (UIS, 2018). The number of adults with low literacy levels in many Arab countries is projected to increase due to social, economic, and political challenges (UIL, 2021). This is alarming and would need immediate actions in the region to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular SDG 4.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of distance learning and its ability to form a reasonable means of continuing literacy and adult learning and education activities in the Arab countries have been revealed (UIL, 2021). While technology can be a driver of progress in adult literacy and education, it can also create new challenges and widen exiting divides (“digital divide”). Supporting the use of technology in adult literacy needs systemic approach, comprehensive gender-responsive adult literacy and education policies and strategies that promote literacy and digital skills and respond to the learners needs. According to the Marrakech Framework for Action (MFA), building effective strategies, policies and instruments, bridging the digital divide, increasing access, addressing online power relations and preventing the abuse of technology are all critical in establishing the transformative and emancipatory power of adult leaning and education.


The event will highlight the developments made in the field, with the following objectives:

- Share updates on the progress and discuss persisting challenges in adult literacy and education in the Arab States.

- Discuss the potential role of technology in adult literacy and education and display good practices in using ICTs (challenges faced and lessons learned) to enhance adult literacy skills.

- Promote the Marrakech Framework for Action and its key recommendations on literacy within a lifelong learning perspective.

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