International Seminar “Community Media Sustainability: Strengthening Policies and Funding”

When :

from Monday 14 September, 2015
to Wednesday 16 September, 2015

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Contact :

Venus Jennings (

The seminar provides a platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of good practice to strengthen community media and pluralistic media institutions in line with UNESCO’s Communication and Information Programme as adopted by the General Conference at its 37th session.

This seminar will bring together Experts and participants from multi-stakeholder communities including broadcasting regulators, community radio networks, academia, and NGOs, as well as from intergovernmental, and international and UN organizations. They will present good practice case studies and concept papers that will be debated through moderated panels.

This event is open to the public. The languages are English and French.