International conference "Cultural diversity: challenges of the creative economy"

When :

from Thursday 10 December, 2015
to Thursday 10 December, 2015

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :

Vlajkoviceva Street, N° 3, 11000, Belgrade,

Contact :

Ms Ivana Zecevic,

The event will deal with the main themes about cultural development and society and will be organized in three sessions: Culture as a lever for the national and local development and strengthening of societies - Governance and evidence based Policy for creativity: new pathways in creative economy - Case studies from the region.
One of the activities will be a publication "Cultural Industries, Innovation and Development: challenges and new perspectives" which will include good practice examples in Serbia regarding the 2005 Convention (Protection and promotion cultural expressions, International Cooperation, Capacity Building, Culture and Development, Information sharing exchange and analysis), as well as examples about international practices and experience. Also the publication will present analysis and evaluation of the state of the cultural industries in Serbia, and cultural and economic policies which contribute creative industries development and implementation of the UNESCO Convention 2005.
Event will also be an occasion for presentation of the first results of the project "Strengthening local and regional institutional capacities to develop cultural industries policies in Pirot, Nis and Toplica regions", which has been supported by IFCD in 2014 cycle of funding.