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Youth Newsroom


Young journalists, bloggers, vloggers, photographers and press cartoonists at work during WPFC 2020


WPFC 2020 will host a dedicated Youth Newsroom, which gives young journalists from around the world the chance to report on the World Press Freedom Conference and improve their journalism skills. Their output will be published widely on the channels of UNESCO, the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners. During WPFC 2020, all Youth Newsroom reporters will work as journalists in a virtual newsroom with a dedicated Editor in Chief.

Training and mentoring

The Youth Newsroom candidates will get training and assignments from Dutch Training center RNTC and cover the conference in a creative way. The professors will also fulfil a mentoring role for the candidates. This year given the travel restrictions from COVID-19, participation will be online. The trainers and editor will also fulfil a mentoring role for the candidates. Youth Newsroom reporters will be assisted at producing content of great quality, in order to make sure that the outcomes of the Youth Newsroom can be used for external communication and outreach.

Profile of Youth Newsroom reporters

Youth Newsroom reporters are young journalism students or recently graduated journalists between 20 and 33 years old, who have had an education in the field of journalism/media. A mix of reporters from various disciplines are being invited to the Youth Newsroom; written media, but also radio, video, photography, press cartooning and other creative outlets.

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Some Youth Newsroom reporters from last year


Bwale Mutanuka

Bwale Mutanuka is a media professional from Zambia. She has a diploma in journalism and previously worked as a radio presenter for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and as a reporter for Radio Icengelo. She currently works as Chief Producer for a youth-focused radio show called Ishiwi, which encourages young Zambians to get involved in discussions about the country’s development. Ishiwi is produced with support from BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity.



Nadia Shiyyab

Nadia is a Masters’ student in Journalism & New Media at the Jordan Media Institute in Jordan, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. She has worked as an investigative researcher & fact-checker at the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism - ARIJ  network, dedicated to the Panama Papers, and specializes in information security & data journalism. She wants to take part of the Youth Newsroom to conduct interviews, produce web articles and meet leading media actors like Jonathan Munro. She is very enthusiastic about attending the conference, to network with journalists, researchers and organizations.



David Young

As a youth advocate, he is looking forward to learning about the experiences of his teammates as young media professionals, as well as the skills and methods that they use to connect to their target audiences. Through this opportunity, he hopes to not only strengthen his skills as a journalist, but also to gain a greater understanding of the global media environment for young people and how UNESCO can better foster freedom of expression amongst them.



Frewoiyne Giday

Ferfwoiyne Giday is a Masters´ student at Addis Ababa University school of journalism and mass communication in the field of Multimedia. She has worked as a reporter, Editor in different private and Government radio stations. Now she is managing Arif communication and consultancy PLC and produced a weekly radio entertainment show on FM 96.3.